Approved AIS 140 GPS Tracker Devices in Delhi

The Importance of GPS Tracking for Fleets

Fleet control is essential for modern transport companies. Without this activity as a priority, it is impossible to know the real state of each of the vehicles, and the fleet as a whole. In addition, the control of activities, the increase in productivity, the reduction of operating expenses and the profitability of the fleet as part of the company's business become an immense task. GPS tracking for fleets is based on installing an AIS 140 GPS device in the vehicle, and then receiving the information through the associated software platform.

There, the positions on the map are displayed, as well as the routes, work areas and all the necessary information for the correct control of fleets. Through, Government approved GPS, it is possible to perform satellite monitoring of the geographical coordinates, speed, latitude, longitude, and travel of the trucks, long-distance buses, urban passenger transport, delivery, distribution fleets, and, delivery vans, among others. AIS 140 GPS Device in Delhi by GPS System Delhi tracks your vehicle everywhere and every time. The AIS 140 GPS standard trackers gives notifications via SMS or email when the vehicles move away from the geographical limits defined by the company or enter an unauthorized area.

How does GPS tracking work for fleets?

The AIS 140 GPS is installed in each of the vehicles to track the satellite, interacting from its installation with satellites in orbit that record their activity. With AIS 140 Device provided by the ones of the best AIS 140 GPS device manufacturers in India, the user can interact with it through satellite monitoring of an associated software platform, which can be accessed from any computer connected to the Internet, be it a computer, a Smartphone, a tablet, etc.

GAGAN 01 - Certified by ARAI

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Some of the key features of GAGAN-01 ICAT ARAI & AIS 140 APPROVED GPS Tracking Devices are:

4 Digital Input, 2 Digital Output, 2 Analog Input.

Real-time tracking with GPS

Multi Operator Embedded Sim Card

Professional Commercial SOS

IP 66 ( Dust & Waterproof)

3 IP Support

Inbuilt Strong Battery Backup (1100 mAh)

GSM Memory with 100000 Logs

RS 232 (Serial) Port

Accelerometer & Gyroscope

GAGAN-01 ICAT, ARAI Certified and AIS 140 Approved Anti-Theft Device