Vehicle Tracking System

Vehicle Tracking System in Delhi

In Today's world, every motor vehicle needs a tracking system for the security and surveillance purposes. GPS technology is in the world since many years, but if we see the applications, they are not on the ground level. We are working day and night on the GPS technology so that your vehicle will be more secure and updated. We have seen that the tracking system is more in commercial taxis because the system is costly and not easily available and some people thinks that monitoring system is of no use, but we know that nowadays tracking system is must for the control of the vehicle. That's why we have made the monitoring system more affordable, and we also make varieties according to the need of the people. We do not compromise with the quality.

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We have trained engineers and expert technicians, and they have Excellency in their field. We do many tests before the installations to make sure the quality check.

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We do provide GPS tracking system at a very affordable price and precise in size. This system can be installed anywhere in the vehicle, and it doesn't take more space. We install high- quality equipment which gives you the accurate and real-time data. This monitoring device can track any missing or stolen vehicle. AIS 140 GPS tracking system can be installed in any vehicle like car, bus, bike or any other vehicle.

GPS tracking system is very necessary nowadays because:-

Less maintenance and less fuel consumption

Our GPS Vehicle Monitoring system provides you the best and optimized path which will help your vehicle to run smoothly and efficiently

Voice and SMS Alerts

It will give you alerts whenever you face the emergencies. It will provide you the instant alert without any time lag and gives you the correct information and exact location on user's phone.


Geo-fencing makes a virtual geographic boundary. If you set the limits and if anyone tries to jump those boundaries from your vehicle then you will get an alert. It is one of the best features of the tracking system.

Feul Monitoring System

Our system of follow-up is the best monitoring system. The equipment is of excellent quality and never runs out of functionality. By chance, if your vehicle gets lost or stolen then you need not worry because our tracking system will find out in an hour.

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Vehicle Tracker Device

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TK103 GPS Vehicle Tracker